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Why You Need To Automate Your Business

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Why You Need To Automate Your Business | BUSINESS TIPS

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Spoiler alert: why manually do something in your business or job that you can automate? 

Seriously.  There is a wealth of possibility to automate so many obnoxious tasks between platforms and apps today that we have no excuse to be manually doing them, taking up time and energy that could be spent enjoying life or doing needle moving tasks.

A few of my favorite automations that you may not have considered:

  1. Auto pay your employees or contractors.  I use Quickbooks and when I enter a new contractor or employee it automatically sends them a request to input their W9 or W2 information.   I can then set up their payment or salary information and have it run payroll automatically.  No paper forms, no remembering to submit bi-weekly.
  2. Auto response to inquiries.  If you are running a service based business and you are not utilizing a CRM, you need to be.  Dubsado allows me to have automatic email responses to inquiries via my inquiry form based on what someone is looking for.  It saves time and helps to weed out potential customers who may not be looking at my price point.
  3. Email list welcome sequences. When someone gets on your email list, is it crickets or are you welcoming them and introducing them to your brand? Most email list software will allow you to setup workflows, and FloDesk truly kills it at this. When someone gets on our email list, they detonate a new workflow that sends them specific emails at different time increments. I can also send a different workflow depending on what form they used to opt-in (for example, a more business mentorship related sequence or photography).

The possibilities are honestly endless, especially when you automate using Zapier. 

Questions? I offer VIP days to help you establish systems and processes in your business, and this often includes automations!