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6 Must Haves for Your Business Under $100

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Who doesn’t love a random completion of affordable items that make your life just a little bit better! All of these items at easily found on Amazon!


  1. ROTATING DESKTOP POWER + CHARGING TOWER – An easy way to keep my cords organized and easily accessible, on my desk!

2. PODCAST MIC – The PERFECT starter mic for every new podcaster. Start small, see if you actually enjoy podcasting, and go from there.

3. STYLUS PEN (AKA AN APPLE PENCIL DUPE) – I imagine that if you are a professional artist, this might not do the trick, but for the novice that enjoys messing around in procreate, this thing is great and gets the job done!

4. 3 AXIS GIMBLE – AKA UPGRADE YOUR VIDEO GAME IN A MAJOR WAY – Okay this is a game changer. We are creating a YouTube channel at some point, and I swear once I learn how to use this thing correctly, it is GAME OVER. 😂

5. TRIPOD + PHONE STAND + RING LIGHT – Easy and to the point. Folds down small enough to fit in a tote and take with you!

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